Over the last 10 years, much of what we know today about causes and definitions of various eating disorders has come to light. It is clear there is much more to discover, yet eating disorders affect many individuals and their families who need help today. Dr. Mike has spent a considerable amount of time diagnosing and treating people who suffer from this illness (in its many forms), culminating in his being asked to host a television series that helps people overcome food-based fears and disordered eating. He also appears as an expert guest on such talk shows as Rachel Ray.

While there are many different approaches to treating individuals with eating disorders, most experts agree that the fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy are key ingredients. Dr. Mike advocates these principles as well as psychodynamic psychology to help patients. In his (soon to be published book), "Diet Rehab," Dr. Mike describes that each of us has our own personal food mantra. He explores how our so-called negative self talk influences our relationship with food and says, "We can start to change that relationship, only after we acknowledge and re-process deep rooted experiences which shaped it in the first place."

Since Dr. Mike is not taking on any new patients, but wants to be able to help those reaching out for assistance, he has partnered with Recovery Now and their PAL's to provide treatment referrals. Please feel free to call the Recovery Now helpline now! To learn more about Dr. Mike, please see his web site www.drmikedow.com or follow him on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/drmikedow!