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Zac Efron Is Battling The Demons Of Addiction

on Friday, 29 November 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Zac Efron Is Battling The Demons Of Addiction

Zac Efron Is Battling The Demons Of Addiction

And other child stars who struggle with substance abuse, and why it’s so common.

Fan were surprised to hear that Efron had checked into rehab earlier this year for cocaine use. The actor is known for his clean cut image and seemingly put together lifestyle, which is rarity among stars who’ve enjoyed early success.

Efron became a household name after starring in Disney’s High School Musical at the age of 17. His professionalism both on and off set, as well as his avoidance of the typical Hollywood partying lifestyle reinforced his image as a squeaky clean Disney actor.

Efron came from a non-Hollywood background and told interviewers that he liked to keep himself grounded by remembering to express gratitude for all the work and opportunities he’s had.

Efron has also mentioned that he does like to go out and party like any other young actor, but gave the impression that it was all done in moderation. Recently the partying had intensified, according to sources, and Efron found himself surrounded by people who only made abusing drugs and alcohol more convenient.

After Rehab

After completing rehab last April, Efron has relied on the support of his family and girlfriend to keep him on a path of continued sobriety. He’s received support from his fans, as well as actor Rob Lowe who also struggled with substance abuse as a young actor in the 1980’s. Efron is continuing to focus on working, including an upcoming role in a feature drama and is expected to make a full recovery.

The Addictions That Plague Young Stars

Not all young stars conquer their drug and alcohol addictions as seemingly easily as Efron. On any given day, news of an arrest, repeated stint in rehab, or out of control behavior of a young celebrity can be found making the headlines.

The names change over the years, but the story is still the same. So why do so many young entertainers fall victim to the partying lifestyle which inevitably includes drinking and abusing drugs. It seems that the pressures associated with being young and successful in Hollywood are too much to handle.

Here are a few examples of celebrities who discovered drugs and alcohol at an early age, and then found their way to recovery.

undefined1. Drew Barrymore is best known for her early role in E.T. as well as her childhood struggles with drinking and drugs. Barrymore started partying as early as 8 years old. After several stints in rehab, she overcame her addictions and went on to continue her career as an actress, director, and producer.

2. Mischa Barton starred in the hit tv show The O.C. and then made headlines with her wild behavior and trouble with the law. Today, she’s cleaned up her act with the help of drug treatment and looks forward to continuing her career.

3. Robert Downey Jr. tried drugs for the first time when he was 6 and became addicted as one of Hollywood’s hottest actors in the 1980’s. After several run ins with the law, Downey cleaned up his act and continues to work in Hollywood today.

4. Nicole Richie was addicted to cocaine, heroin, and marijuana and got in trouble with the law, getting in a few accidents and arrested three times. She conquered her addictions and now is a mother and fashion icon.

5. Michael J. Fox began abusing alcohol after he discovered he had Parkinson’s disease in 1991. After going to treatment for alcoholism, Fox has continued to act on television and continues to do work as an activist for awareness of Parkinson’s Disease.

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