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U.S. Olympian Hope Solo Tested Positive For A Prohibited Substance

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Tuesday, 10 July 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News

hope solo performance enhancing substances

According to a statement announced on Tuesday, July 10, Seattle, Washington soccer player and U.S. Olympian Hope Solo tested positive for a prohibited substance found in a medication she has been taking. Solo’s spokesperson has informed the media that she accepts a public warning regarding the rule violation.

Subsequent to a routine non-competition urine screening session conducted on June 15, 2012 the thirty year old competitive soccer player tested positive for Canrenone.

Canrenone is an aldosterone agonist often used as a diuretic in Europe. Canrenone inhibits aldosterone and it is widely known to excrete excess water from the body frequently caused by excess sodium consumption. It is frequently prescribed as a pre-menstrual medication.

It sounds harmless, so what is the problem? The problem is that United States Anti-Doping Agency [USADA] has banned Canrenone. Canrenone is among the substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Code as well as the World Anti-Doping Agency, both of which set the prohibited drug standards adopted under the USADA protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Testing of Movements as well as the International Federation of Association Football [FIFA] anti-doping rules.

Under the prohibited list of substances officials classify Canrenone as a specified substance. As a result, if the substance is detected in a urine sample obtained from an athlete he or she can be sanctioned.

A statement released by Solo reveals that she was prescribed the medication as part of a pre-menstrual protocol. Apparently she was unaware that the medication contained banned chemicals. To validate her ignorance Solo completely cooperated with officials at USADA by providing them with information to reconcile detection of Canrenone in her urine.

Subsequent to obtaining the information that Solo provided and after conducting a thorough investigation, USADA officials made a determination that Solo committed no purposeful offense. As a result she was issued no more than a warning.

Even more, neither the detection of the prohibited substance, Canrenone, nor the warning imposed by the USADA required Solo to withdraw from the pre-Olympic matches.

Further, Canrenone has not given Solo any competitive advantage nor has it enhanced her performance in any way.

USADA provides detailed instructions regarding testing procedures and prohibited substances to all athletes. In a further effort to prevent lack of awareness of what is prohibited USADA updates its website often to include the most up-to-date risks of consuming performance enhancing substances and supplements, as well as the dangers of using recreational drugs. Also, the USADA operates a drug reference phone-line, an on-line drug reference site, distributes educational materials regarding prohibited substances, and also conducts informational sessions along with other associations and athletes.

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