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Steven Adler Forms a New Band

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Celebrities

Steven Adler Forms a New Band

Jacob Bunton, Superstar.  At least that is what Steven Adler thinks.  According to, Adler recently chose Jacob to be the singer and frontman for his new band, Adler.  Steven Adler was the original drummer for Guns-n-Roses, and he was later made infamous on Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab for his struggles with addiction.

Jacob Bunton is a Birmingham-area musician, who has been flying back and forth to L.A. to be able to make this full-length album with Adler.  ”I love our boy Jacob, ” Steven begins.  ”He’s a superstar, then once I look past that, I see that he’s super-talented.  He’s an original, a diamond in the rough.”

Adler is determined to make this record the old-school way, without resorting to high-tech trickery that can destroy personality as it smooths out flaws.  Small sounds, like a squeak of a drum petal, or an interesting crack in vocals add immediacy and character to a recording.  The band aims to harness the sounds of real, live musicians at work.

Producer Pilson, the former Dokken bass player, who is now a member of Foreigner, plays bass on the album, although the band is still searching for a bass player for their tour.  Steven Adler also called in the troops for help with this record, and the studio hosted a slew of famous musical guests.  Slash, Steven’s former Guns-N-Roses bandmate, makes a guest appearance on the new record.  John 5, the guitarist for Rob Zombie, also makes an appearance.

Jacob Bunton and Steven Adler met through mutual friend Lonnie Paul, who makes up the third member of Adler.  The two met after the passing of Jani Lane, Warrant’s lead singer.  Upon the first meeting between Jacob Bunton, Lonnie Paul, and Steven Adler, the musical chemistry was obvious.  Another key issue was Bunton’s lifestyle, as he has no problem abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Steven Adler is now in recovery, after many years of substance abuse.  He wants to surround himself with performers who support his sobriety.  Steven said, “I feel like I have God’s favor, all over again.”  Bunton says that any reservation he initially had about the project quickly disappeared.  He said, “I didn’t know in the beginning because of all the bad stuff you hear, but Steven is the most positive person.  He is completely drug-free.  He’s focused, his energy is good.”  Jacob Bunton goes on to call Steven Adler “the groove master.”

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