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Rodney King Becomes the Third Person From Celebrity Rehab to Die

on Wednesday, 20 June 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News

rodney king death

Rodney King becomes the third person from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew to die. According to, Rodney was found dead by his fiancee at the bottom of his swimming pool this weekend. He was 47.

Rodney appeared on the second season of Celebrity Rehab. Rodney King was attacked by the LAPD, infamously filmed by an onlooker from his balcony. On the show, Rodney discussed this issue at length. He expressed awareness of his controversial reputation, and hinted that part of the reason he came on the show was to let the world see who he really was. He seemed so nice and caring on the show. Rodney got along with all the patients and steered clear of all the arguments. He specifically expressed he did not like confrontation.

Two other patients from Celebrity Rehab passed away before Rodney King.

Alice in Chains bassist, Mike Starr, appeared on the show dealing with issues from methadone and heroin. He was found dead a year later, at age 44, of a prescription drug overdose.

Jeff Conaway, who suffered from a painkiller addiction after undergoing various painful back surgeries, also died several years after he appeared on Celebrity Rehab. He died in a hospital, due to a combination of pneumonia and blood poisoning, which had been left untreated.

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