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Falling in Reverse Frontman Goes From Prison to Warped Tour

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Celebrities

Playing the main stage this year on Vans Warped Tour meant the world to Falling in Reverse’s frontman, Ronnie Radke.  According to Rolling Stone, Ronnie Radke spent two years in prison.  While living in Las Vegas, Ronnie Radke was part of an altercation that lead to the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Cook in May 2006.  Although Radke did not fire the gun, he was indicted on battery and sentenced to five years probation.  He was sent to jail in 2008 for probation violation.  He said, “My first actual playing Warped was in 2006, and 2007 was the whole thing.  I was in the midst of fighting a case of going to prison, so I was flying back to court and back to Warped Tour to play.  I ended up going to prison anyway.”

Between his court cases, drug abuse, and other issues, Ronnie Radke claims he was a bit of a troublemaker on his first Warped stints.  He was, however, welcomed back by Warped Tour’s founder and promoter, Kevin Lyman, letting Radke know that it was all in the past.  Radke is glad that Lyman gave him a second chance, and this time around Radke is a different man.  Lyman is a mentor to many of these young musicians.  He said, “I don’t judge what these kids are doing.  I think I can guide them a little, help them miss some of the mistakes that maybe killed a few of my friends.”

Ronnie Radke is taking on a new role this tour.  He said, “I stick to myself on tours now.  I don’t go out and party, drink, smoke, or do drugs.  It is a dry bus.  No one is allowed to bring drinks on the bus.  That’s when you really tend to get in trouble-you’re in trouble ’cause you’re wasted and you do something stupid.  Preventing that, I can think clearly in situations that might be stressful or get me in trouble.”  Lyman has been honored for his work with MusiCares, an organization which is dedicated, among other things, to musicians’ sobriety.  So, Radke should have a good support system on the tour.

Ronnie Radke claims there are a lot of sober musicians out there today.  He said, “I think sober is the new black.  That’s the cool thing now.  I am trying to make it the cool thing.  I used to believe in getting wasted and going on stage.  I thought that was cool because all my idols did it.  But I found out the hard way that is not the way to do it.    It’s better to have a voice without alcohol in my system from the night before.  I want to lead by example.  I’m not Mr. Goody-Good or anything, but I’m not stupid.”

Ronnie Radke’s and his band, Falling in Reverse, will play the main stage at Warped along side Used, Anti-Flag, Yellowcard and more.  The band’s first album, “The Drug In Me Is You,” debuted at number 19.  The album took off, and now the band is selling out every venue.  Ronnie Radke said, “I got out of prison a year ago.  For this to happen-I just bought a new Escalade and a house, all in a year’s time.  This is everything I ever wanted-ever.”

Image courtesy of Chelsea Lauren/WiredImage.

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