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Dr. Drew Still Claims Foul Play Cannot Be Ruled Out in Whitney Houston’s Death

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Celebrities

According to MSNBC’s Today Entertainment, Dr. Drew Pinsky still has a lot of questions about Whitney Houston’s death.  Although the coroner has released the final report and the Los Angeles police are ready to close the case, Dr. Drew still questions some of the facts presented.

Houston was found dead in a bathtub at age 48.  The official cause of death is accidental drowning, as a result of cocaine ingestion and abuse along with heart problems.  Dr. Drew mentions on his show that six hours after Whitney Houston’s death, the water temperature in the bathtub was 93 degrees Fahrenheit, although no other specifics were mentioned.  He asked, “How is that even possible?  Is it like, a self-heating bathtub?  I don’t think they should close the case, as this leaves open the possibility of foul play.”

He then enters his own theory on Ms. Houston’s death.  Dr. Drew “takes issue” with the theory that she had some kind of heart problem.  He continues, “She had mild-not even mild-minimal heart disease.  Sixty percent coronary stenosis  is something that no doctor would do anything with, because it is harmless.”  Dr. Drew Pinsky theorizes that because she was found face-down with low levels of Xanax in her system in comparison with high levels of cocaine, indicates that she may have had a seizure as a result of chemical imbalance.  He adds, “Here’s one way to induce a seizure: not taking Xanax after having been on it for a period of time, the blood level goes low, and chance of seizure go up.”

Whitney’s sister in law, Pat Houston, when asked if she suspected any foul play now, responded, “I do not.  It’s over with.”  The coroner’s report said that Whitney was last seen by her personal assistant, who returned from shopping to find her unresponsive in the bathtub.  The report indicated she had been submerged for nearly an hour.  Signs of cocaine and drug paraphernalia were found in her hotel room, along with various prescription medicines and an open bottle of champagne.

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