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Cissy Houston Says She Is ‘Devastated’ By Daughter’s Coroner’s Report

on Tuesday, 10 April 2012. Posted in Celebrities

The recent news that cocaine was found in Whitney Houston’s system and in her hotel room at the time of her death has been particularly hard on her mother, Cissy Houston.  According to BET, Cissy’s close friends described her reaction to the news as “devastated” and “inconsolable.”  It breaks her heart to know her daughter succumbed to her addiction.

Previously undisclosed police reports surrounding Whitney Houston’s death leaked on Wednesday, stating the cocaine paraphernalia were found in the room, including a spoon with white powder residue and a rolled up piece of paper.   Cocaine was also found in her system, and there was sufficient evidence to indicate Whitney’s chronic use of the drug.

Though Cissy Houston is devastated by the news, she still urges fans to remember her daughter for her music and her great qualities.  Cissy reminds us, “No one is perfect.  Only God can judge.”  She recently broke her silence, in an interview with journalist Brenda Blackmon.  Cissy Houston debunked rumors of Whitney’s financial trouble, and she blasted those who have attempted to tarnish her daughter’s legacy.

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