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Artie Lange Talks About Treatment

on Monday, 02 April 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Voices in Recovery

Comedian Artie Lange opens up about his extended stay in a rehabilitation center.  The actor/comedian has appeared in numerous films, but may be best known as Howard Stern’s sidekick.  According to, Lange has come clean about his road to recovery, hoping that he has finally put his drug-fueled past behind him after several months in a Florida rehabilitation center.  Artie Lange has battled substance abuse for years, most famously with his addiction to heroin.  Last year, Lange attempted to kill himself, stabbing himself in the abdomen nine times.  He sustained six hesitation wounds, along with three more serious wounds from a deep plunge of a kitchen knife.  Artie Lange’s mother found him, then he was rushed to the hospital.  After his release from the hospital, Lange entered a treatment program.  Since his release from treatment, Lange has begun to focus on his career again.

Artie Lange appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, where he spoke candidly of his recovery.  ”I feel fantastic.  I went to rehab.  I had some issues that had to be dealt with in rehab.  They have experts there, they deal with people like me…I went down there and had a counselor, she’s a wonderful woman,” he begins.  Lange continues, “It’s me and eight guys in a group, and the woman says, ‘You know, I think your drug-use can be traced back to your lack of self-importance.”

Artie Lange insists that getting clean was not easy, but he insists that he has finally kicked the habit.  He continues sharing his experience in rehab, saying, “The first month there, I was doing drugs, in Florida drugs are all over the place.  But I finally got the idea of rehab, which is to stop doing drugs.  A lot of normal people think rehab is like white lab coats. It’s not that way.  It’s people that are really concerned about you.”    He hopes to continue his career with this enthusiastic new momentum.

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