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Youth Take A Stand Against Heroin Addiction

on Thursday, 28 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin addiction overdose

Jordan Weaver, 24, knows all too well the devastating effects drugs can have. Just last month, Jordan lost his 21 year old brother, Chris Weaver, to a heroin overdose.

Jordan now lives with his family in Mundelein, after leaving Chicago in 1994 to get away from the gangs and crime in the city. Despite relocating in the suburbs, the grips of drugs still reached the family.

“It’s sadly ironic that this happened instead,” said Weaver. “You can find trouble wherever you go.”

With an increasing number of drug related deaths in these suburban areas, many of the young adults are doing everything they can to take a stand in the ongoing battle. They hope to raise awareness that this problem will not go away without action.

The goal is to reach out to their peers and put an end to the trend of drug use that has already killed so many young people.

Young women in the area joined together earlier this year to start a group called “Take A Stand”. The group educates people of the growing problem through a variety of events held throughout the city.

One of the founders of the group, 21 year old Shannon Brody, knows the community is being affected by the increase in drug use. “We’re feeling the effects of this and we see it,” said Brody.

Members of the group are tired of seeing lives cut short. Lindsey Dulian, 24, one of the members of the group commented, “Death was becoming a regular thing, and that’s when you realize something needs to be done.”

The outreach is also beginning to spread to facebook. Lauren Hansen, 24, knows the pain of seeing a loved one struggle with addiction. Her younger brother, Mike, and his friend Greg Harmon are both recovering heroin addicts. The three of them joined together to create a group on facebook called “Let’s Save Our Friends Lives” following the overdose death of Chris Weaver.

The group reaches people through facebook with personal stories and even videos that document their own struggles with heroin addiction. The videos touch on what led them to begin using drugs, what they went through, what they lost because of the drug, and the pain and struggle of getting clean. The group is hoping to expand their reach by visiting local schools this fall to speak to students about their journey through addiction and the fight to recover.

Weaver feels a personal responsibility to help spread the message to others. “Your friends are going to do things you don’t like and you don’t know how to deal with, but our job is to help them anyway.” Sometimes all it takes is one person reaching out to someone in need at the right time.

Through these groups positioning themselves as a helping hand, those in need may have a better chance at choosing the right path before it’s too late.

If you are struggling with drug addiction, please contact us.

Support “Let’s Save Our Friends Lives” here

Support “Take A Stand” here

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