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Is Performer Yo Yo Honey Singh Dealing with Alcoholism?

on Wednesday, 04 February 2015. Posted in Breaking News

The Indian rapper and actor is rumored to have recently entered rehab for drug abuse. His stint in rehab is supposedly the reason the singer has disappeared from the public spotlight in recent months.

Some media sources are saying the singer is ready to return to work and making public appearances, while others who work with the Singh are saying he is still focused on getting help for his drug and alcohol issues.

Singh studied music as a child in the United Kingdom. His family moved to India soon after, where the young boy continued to focus on singing and performing.

Singh started producing music for movies as an adult, recording tracks for a string of popular Bollywood movies. The singer eventually went on to become the highest paid musical artist in Bollywood history.

In 2013, Singh debuted his first solo single "Bring Me Back" live at the Video Music Awards India. The singer has also made several guest appearances in Bollywood films and landed his first starring role in a 2014 musical titled "The Xpose".

He is rumored to have several more acting roles in the works for 2015 and beyond.

Singh's music has raised some controversy for its explicit lyrics that promote violence against women and misogyny, and contain vulgar words. When asked about the offensive lyrics, the singer has denied that he wrote them.

Fans of Yo Yo Honey are eagerly awaiting his return to music and acting. It remains unclear whether the 31 year old singer remains focused on his recovery.

Dealing With Drug Abuse And Alcoholism: How To Get Help

Some people are able to use drugs or alcohol for recreational purposes without ever developing a dependency or any other negative effects. But for many others, regularly using drugs or alcohol leads to problems in other areas of life.

Relationships, work, health, and other responsibilities begin to suffer. You may also notice feelings of depression, shame, rage, and desperation that slowly become overwhelming.

It's important to recognize the signs of drug or alcohol abuse so that if a loved one, or even yourself, begins to develop a problem you know what to do and how to ask for help.

The reasons that some people develop addictions, while others don't, are very complicated. The main reasons tend to be having a genetic disposition to addiction, being raised in an abusive or traumatic environment, having a mental disorder, or exposure to frequent drug use at a young age.

A drug or alcohol addiction may develop slowly, gradually becoming more severe until one day it takes a serious toll on your quality of life. Many people discover that they've developed a problem after a long period of continuous recreational use, or after returning to drugs or alcohol to deal with other issues.

People will often use drugs to help deal with unpleasant emotions, such as sadness, stress, nervousness, boredom, or loneliness. Many use drugs or alcohol to fill a void in their lives and provide them with a distraction from the pain they are going through on a daily basis.

As substance abuse begins to take hold, you'll find your life is slipping away from you and that you have become both physically and psychologically dependent on the substance.

Getting help is possible, no matter how long you've been abusing drugs or how severe the addiction has become. The first step is admitting that you have a problem, and that asking for outside help is absolutely necessary for a successful recovery.

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