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Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Opens Up About Her Struggles With Alcohol

on Thursday, 21 November 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Alcohol

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Opens Up About Her Struggles With Alcohol

The actress, who recently told Oprah in an interview show entitled “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” that she has been living in Washington D.C. for more than thirty years, away from the spotlight, has been sober for a number of years, but spoke very candidly about her former battles with alcohol.

Carter’s Husband Helped Her Realize That She Wanted to Get Help

When Carter was in her 20’s, she was drinking quite a bit. She says that friends and many people close to her did not even realize that she had a problem because there were times when she was not drinking at all, and when she did drink she was just drinking more than others around her. Her husband, director Robert Altman, did recognize that she had a problem, and the two of them discussed the problem together, and came to the conclusion that Lynda was ready to get help.

Struggling With Fame and Her Personal Life

At the time that Carter realized she was an alcoholic, she was unsure as to whether she could be open about her problem. While she realized that alcoholism was a disease, she told Larry King in an interview that, “When (alcoholism) is happening to you, you feel shameful.” She worried about what public reaction to your alcoholism would be and even admitted that at some points in her own life, she did not fully believe that alcoholism was a disease, but rather simply an excuse to drink.

“Not Your Typical Alcoholism”

Many people have a very specific understanding of what an alcoholic is or how they act, but the reality is that alcoholism can take many forms. Alcoholism affects different people in many different ways. In Lynda Carter’s case, the disease primarily took its grip on her after she had had a sip of alcohol. She has stated that she almost never craved alcohol and didn’t wake up in the morning thinking about having a drink.

She did, however, notice that as soon as she began to drink, she became fixated on drinking more and more. She also recalls having friends and those around her not that after drinking she had began to act differently. While many people believe that you are only an alcoholic if you constantly think about alcohol, Carter defines alcoholism more in terms of the way it makes you act. She contends that even a person who only has two drinks or so could be an alcoholic.

Finding the Right Treatment Center

Once Carter realized that she was ready to go into recovery, she chose a recovery facility in Maryland called Father Ashley’s, which is a treatment center with a Catholic perspective. At Father Ashley’s, Carter recalls attending many classes and seminars and group discussions. For her, this was extremely effective therapy. For any recovering addict, finding the right recovery program is the key to success.

Just as there are many different types of alcoholics, there are many different types of treatment centers. Working with counselors in a program that best meets your needs and resonates with your own personality and spiritual beliefs is the best way to ensure that you will continue to stay sober and work on your recovery over the course of your entire life. As Lynda Carter has acknowledged, staying sober means battling the disease of alcoholism on a daily basis, but with the right tools learned in recovery, this is a battle that can and will be won.

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