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Women Speak Out About Addiction

on Tuesday, 17 April 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Treatment

Women And Addiction

Charles. According to Aurora Beacon News, those who did attend had their eyes opened to the problems of heroin and prescription drug abuse that exist within their community.

In addition to police statistics, several women presented their personal stories. One woman describes losing her brother to a heroin overdose, while another mother discusses losing her son to heroin, as well.

Another woman told her own compelling tale of her addiction that began in high school. She began smoking marijuana in junior high, and ended up prostituting in the streets to support her habit after high school. She was in a number of abusive relationships and repeatedly beaten up. She was put in jail for several weeks, but was released in time to see her dying father.

She promised him she would get her life together. And eventually, she did. After several attempts at rehab, she finally got it. Today, she is a single mom who works hard to support her three children, and she also helps families who battle with addiction by speaking about her own battle.

"I may look okay," she told the audience. "But, I can't leave it in my past. My addiction has affected my present and my future. I am blessed to be alive, but I fight it everyday. I can't just walk away from it."

Her message of hope and story of survival was direct and to the point. She believes in educating people about addiction. She said, "Ask questions, be aware. You have the chance to win the fight."

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