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Without Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings I Wouldn’t Be The Person In Recovery I Am today

on Tuesday, 27 November 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Alcohol

Meetings And Sobriety

By Alexandra Rose

I was told since day one of my sobriety that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are crucial to my sobriety. Before becoming sober I had not known what these meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous were about. They turned their course with me from what I thought of as a chore to a requirement for my well-being. On any given day, once I step foot into an meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous I feel a sense of being at ease.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a significant part of my sobriety, a way in which I find tranquility, if I listen. Even if the speaker has a story that is nothing like mine, I still will always find that we have a common disease, alcoholism, and a common solution, attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. I enjoy listening to stories that relay the message of recovery.

When I am in my head and feel like my day is just falling apart, I know that if I go to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous I will come out of it with a new attitude, a shift in perception. I can change my day around anytime I want and attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is a push that guides me into the right direction.

This past weekend I have had a visitor, and did not make attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous a priority. I felt like I was going out of my mind with anger and frustration. This is a recurring theme if I don’t go to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. I get into such a negative headspace that even though I know a meeting will make it all better, I still put off going to one. It isn’t until I can let go of that annoyance and can listen to someone else tell their story that I feel like myself again.

Even the fellowship, before and after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, is something that I appreciate. There was a point in my sobriety when I wasn’t working an Alcoholics Anonymous program, and would state “I would never be a greeter,” because I felt it was a commitment just for newcomers. Only when I started to work a consistent program of Alcoholics Anonymous and was willing to greet, after being sponsor-directed to do so, did I realize how wrong I was for making that assumption. Greeting is a commitment that I absolutely enjoy doing. Today, I now have three greeting commitments.

I feel grateful that I live in a city with what are considered the best Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the world. There are places where there are no meetings and people are not able to attend them, not only in different countries but also in the United States there are areas with limited meetings. This awareness creates such gratitude for being able to go to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous any day and at any time I desire.

Also, at this point of time I go to more meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous than I ever have in sobriety. I get there early to do my greeting commitment and introduce myself to newcomers who walk into the meeting. During the meeting I listen attentively, sit up front, and stay off my phone. After the meeting I thank the speaker and tell them how much I appreciate them being there. Without Alcoholics Anonymous meetings I wouldn’t be the person in recovery I am today.

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