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Why People Use the Term 'Slowbriety' in Recovery

on Tuesday, 28 April 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Recovering from an addiction can take a long time and many addicts in treatment may feel frustrated and impatient with their progress. Twelve step programs sometimes use the term "slowbriety" when someone is experiencing this.

The term means that recovery doesn't happen overnight and becoming sober is a long process that takes years. In order to recover from an addiction successfully you need to take it slowly, be patient and face your problems one day at a time.

Slowbriety means having lots of patience and taking everything in stride no matter how difficult it may get. Taking things slow in recovery means being optimistic that at some time in the future you will get through your struggles no matter how long it takes.

Taking Things Slowly throughout Treatment
When someone is going through a recovery program they may feel anxious for things to change more quickly. They will be experiencing a lot of volatile emotions and physical symptoms like insomnia in the early phases of recovery.

An addict is often crawling out of their skin hoping for things to get easier but recovery often takes much longer than they expect. They need to learn to take things slow so that they are not imagining a finish line at the end of a certain period of time.

You can never plan how recovery will go or long it will take to make the progress that is expected to happen. People in recovery may not feel that they have accomplished enough in the time that they have been working toward their goals of changing.

Whenever someone struggles with what they feel they are lacking in their efforts for recovery it is a good idea to keep in mind the idea of "slowbriety". It means that no matter where you are with your progress you are on the right track and there is no set schedule of where you should be.

Being Patient with Others

Personal goals in recovery may feel as though they are hard to reach and interactions with friends and family could remain strained for a period of time too. Addicts may feel impatient waiting for people to trust them again and believe that they are being honest.

After years of lying, hiding their abuse and engaging in reckless behavior the people in their lives may find it hard to stop worrying about what the addict is doing and whether they are going to relapse. It may be frustrating for someone in recovery to feel that people don't trust them or are always expecting them to fail.

The process of healing relationships with others is something that also takes plenty of time and is a part of "slowbriety". Family members may continue to worry about you for a long time even after you have completed your recovery program.

It will be a long period of proving yourself to be more responsible and earning their trust again. This is also something you should take one day at a time and remain patient about while knowing that it will eventually improve.

Everyone moves through their recovery at their own pace and their time frame could be completely different from peers in the program. The important thing is to focus on what you have already accomplished and not to get discouraged.

Addicts should always keep in mind that their substance abuse developed over many years and the damage cannot be repaired all at once. Small steps toward recovery are just as important as big breakthroughs and each day can move you closer to reaching your goals. Throughout treatment and even after you have finished be kind to yourself and recognize that there is no rush while in recovery.

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