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Where to Turn When Your Solution of Alcohol Stops Working

on Monday, 29 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Eventually, excessive alcohol consumption becomes its own problem and their situation is much more complicated as addiction develops. If alcohol seems to be your solution for all of life's problems then it might be time to take a second look at what you are doing. Drinking any time you feel sad, anxious or stressed out might provide an immediate release but ultimately it will only contribute to the problems of your life. When you find that alcohol no longer provides a sense of escape but instead creates negative consequences then it may be time to seek help for addiction.

Social Drinking and Problem Drinking
It can be difficult for people in the habit of drinking socially to see when they have finally crossed the line into alcoholism. It may be normal to have a few drinks occasionally with friends in order to relief stress. Alcohol can be used for celebration at social gatherings or to relax you after a long week at work. What about when you begin to use alcohol at other times and for more unhealthy reasons? You might come home after work during a week day and begin drinking by yourself to ease your stress and anxiety or drink when you feel depressed and want to feel better. Drinking alone can be one of the first signs that you are beginning to develop an addiction especially if you turn to alcohol as a solution for emotional issues. In the early phases of alcoholism, drinking might seem like an effective way to relax you and help you forget about anything that is troubling you but over time this experience will change.

When Addiction Begins to Develop
After years or even months of drinking regularly, people begin to develop a tolerance and the amount that they need to drink continually increases. Alcohol will no longer have the same effect that it did when they first started drinking and it might lack the feeling of relaxation to have just one or two drinks. For someone looking to alcohol as a solution to their problems, they will drink more until they get the desired effects. Eventually this can mean drinking to excess and alcohol binges that could lead to blackouts. You might begin to drink so much that you do things to hurt people without even realizing or remembering what you did. This kind of behavior can lead to relationship problems and fights with friends. Drinking might begin to have so many negative consequences that you realize it is no longer a solution to your problems but is only making your life more complicated. At this point it is time to get help for your drinking and start the process of recovery.

Getting Help for Alcoholism
When alcohol becomes a problem rather than a solution, an alcoholic must enter rehab and get professional help for their addiction. If you think you might be ready to admit that you have a problem, you can first talk to a close friend about what you are going through. They will probably agree with you that you should go into recovery and start the process of detox. A rehab facility will offer the kind of assistance you need to get through the beginning stages of abstinence and the emotional work of recovery. If you feel that your drinking has become something beyond your control then there is help available to get you back to a healthy and sober lifestyle.


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