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What Zubsolv Promises for Opioid Addiction Treatment

on Monday, 08 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

What Zubsolv Promises for Opioid Addiction Treatment

Just last year, the FDA approved a new medication to be used for the treatment of opiate addiction known as Zubsolv. The drug was designed to offer physicians and patients a new choice for dealing with opioid dependence in by treating withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively.

While Zubsolv is similar to the popular Suboxone in its use of buprenorphine as an active ingredient, it also contains Naloxone to prevent instances of abuse and has a higher bioavailability, a fast dissolve time and a smaller tablet size. With the recent approval of the new medication, patients receiving treatment for heroin or opiate addiction now have more options to choose from to help them detox and prevent withdrawal.

Benefits of Zubsolv

Zubsolv is a medication that is taken once daily and used sublingually or dissolved under the tongue. It works very similarly to medications like Suboxone because it uses buprenorphine as its main ingredient. Buprenorphine works by binding opioid receptors in a person's brain and activating them so that there are no painful symptoms of withdrawal.

The medication can fill up enough opioid receptors to prevent pain and discomfort but not enough to create a sense of euphoria as heroin would. Zubsolv was created by the manufacturer Orexo to meet the needs of addiction patients who are not satisfied with previously approved buprenorphine and Naloxone formulations.

What makes Zubsolv different from other medications is that is able to deliver more active ingredient to the bloodstream so that patients can use a lower strength or smaller dose. This can help prevent the kind of misuse that can sometimes occur when addiction patients are provided with medication.

The Naloxone component also helps prevent misuse and diversion because it is a medication that acts as an opioid antagonist. Medications with Naloxene cause users to experience immediate symptoms of withdrawal when taken in large doses which works to discourage them from abusing the drug.

Complete Treatment with Medication

Although Zubsolv is a helpful medication for people hoping to cope with the experience of withdrawal, it is most effective when used along with psychological counseling in addition to pharmacological therapy. Psychological assistance is necessary and crucial in preventing patients from relapsing after they wean off of their medication.

Drugs used to treat opiate addiction should not be used for long-term management but should be a tool to manage symptoms while going through detox and the first few months of abstinence. Relapse rates are very high without the use of medication-assisted treatment but patients should also supplement their treatment with psychological counseling to ensure they remain permanently sober.

While Zubsolv has less of a danger of overdose or abuse compared to older medications like methadone, patients may still need clinical monitoring while being administered the drug depending on their stability level at a given time. Using Zubsolv is more effective when it is a part of complete treatment program that provides medical assistance and individual or group counseling.

While Zubsolv is relatively similar to other medications used to treat opiate addiction it offers a few advantages and can meet the needs of patients that are dissatisfied with their current medication. Zubsolv has improved bioavailability so that it is more effectively absorbed in the body, requiring less buprenorphine for users to experience the effects.

While Zubsolv works in a similar way to other drugs like Suboxone, patients may prefer to have the option of using Zubsolv so that they are able to take a smaller dose or they prefer having Naloxone as part of the active ingredients in their medication. Zubsolv is a new treatment option that may be necessary for some patients to meet their needs in the process of recovery.

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