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What You need to know about Spice and it’s rising Popularity

on Thursday, 27 November 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Spice is the latest dangerous drug that is being used and abused by teenagers across the country. Many parents may have heard of the drug "Spice" in passing, but may be unfamiliar with the nature of the drug Spice and why exactly it has grown in popularity and how teenagers are using the nature of the drug to hide their use from their parents, teachers, and the other adults that may possibly be able to stop kids from using this dangerous substance.

Spice Is Also Known As Synthetic Marijuana

Spice was originally introduced to consumers as synthetic marijuana. It appeals to many young people because unlike marijuana, it is not illegal and can be purchased in stores.

This makes it particularly attractive to young people who do not have access to alcohol because of the fact that they are not old enough to purchase it. Spice is also not detectable through drug testing, which is another thing that makes it very appealing to young people, who may be subject to drug testing by their parents or even by probation officers or staff at a treatment center, if they have had previous issues with drug abuse.

Spice is Not a Safer Alternative to Marijuana

One other reason that young people may take interest in Spice is that they may believe that because it is legal, it is a safer alternative to marijuana. The unfortunate reality is that not only is Spice not a safe alternative to marijuana, it may actually be more dangerous.

Many people have been sent to the hospital with symptoms resulting from their use of the drug. These symptoms may include entering a state of being catatonic, being disorientated, severe nausea, fever, head aches, and lapses in memory. These symptoms can be life threatening if left untreated, or may result in behavioral issues that can have long-time repercussions.

Parents Should Talk to Their Kids About the Dangers of Spice

It is important for parents to have an open conversation with their kids about the dangers of Spice. Many young people may not actually know the true severity of the dangers of Spice and the more their parents talk to them, the more likely it is that they will avoid this harmful substance.

When parents have an open dialogue with their kids about the dangers of Spice or any drug, they demonstrate a level of trust that has often been associated with higher self image, which in turn, is associated with lower instances of drug use and abuse. Maintaining an open conversation about Spice and other drugs allows children the opportunity to ask their parents questions that may arise about what some of the results of using this drug may be.

Kids Using Spice Should Get Help Immediately

If you believe that your child may be struggling with Spice or any drug use, you should seek help for them immediately. Drug abuse and addiction is a dangerous problem that can jeopardize the very future of a young person by causing damage to their neurological system, as well as to their cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Young people are thus the population that is most at peril when they struggle with drug use. The sooner a young person gets help for a drug problem, the greater their chances are for beginning to live a much healthier life and for avoiding potentially devastating impacts on their emotional well-being. This can help them to re-establish healthy thinking and social patterns. The right treatment program can truly be a life changing method of helping a young person.


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