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What Is Going On In The Life Of Kurt Busch?

on Thursday, 05 February 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Recent news involving the ongoing drama between NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll now includes allegations of alcoholism and depression. In December, Driscoll testified in a hearing over an incident of physical abuse by Busch during their 4 year relationship and described him as a man struggling with severe depression who abused alcohol to deal with his problems.

Driscoll says alcohol was behind the violent rages Busch was prone to, with the worst incident resulting in Driscoll having her face smashed into the wall of Busch's home.

Attorneys for the NASCAR driver say the accusations are false and part of Driscoll's attempt to derail the career and ruin the reputation of her ex lover. Driscoll then went on to describe how Busch become increasingly violent towards the end of their relationship and how he would drink heavily to the point where she thought he wouldn't fully recover.

Driscoll had even tried to contact Busch's mother to express her concern.

After the assault that night, Driscoll exchanged words with Busch and then returned to the driver's home because of disturbing statements he made during their exchange. She claims that Busch was unhappy with his career and even talked about suicide.

Busch has gone on to make several statements of his own about his relationship with Driscoll and her allegations about his alcoholism, depression, and abusive behavior. He has stated that he believes Driscoll is a trained assassin who is sent on missions by the U.S government.

Driscoll is a lifelong gun aficionado but says that the allegations are completely false and taken straight from a screenplay that she wrote and had Busch read.

The NASCAR driver continues to stand by his trained assassin story, while his team of lawyers work hard to paint a picture of Driscoll as a scorn woman trying to derail the career of a successful racing champion.

Busch has had a long, successful run as a racing driver, with 25 Cup race wins and one championship in 2004. His brother Kyle is also a NASCAR driver and his father Tom Busch was a winning racing driver as well.

Kurt has been known for using colorful language and verbally abusing his team members, as well as media representatives covering racing events. He admitted to making an attempt to work on his behavior, as well as other psychological issues, in 2011 during NASCAR Championship week.

In 2012, Busch's behavior once again landed him in hot water with one NASCAR suspension and a couple of probations because of bad language, verbal abuse, and inappropriate behavior during a race.

Busch is also known for getting into altercations with other drivers, with several noted feuds involving racing teammates and even his brother Kyle. GQ Magazine voted Busch number 3 in a list of the most hated athletes along with Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens.

The accusations of physical abuse against Busch come with a recent series of domestic violence disputes involving notable athletes. The most recent headlines involve Adrian Petersen of the Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Petersen was accused of injuring his 4 year old son, to which he pleaded no contest. Rice was recently indicted for assault against his wife, as well as his fiance.


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