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Wendy Williams Talks About Using Cocaine At Work

on Thursday, 05 June 2014. Posted in Celebrities, Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Cocaine

Wendy Williams Talks About Using Cocaine At Work

Media powerhouse Wendy Williams has long been known for her strong opinions and personality, both of which she dispenses on a regular basis as part of her daily talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show.” Recently, the highly successful author, television, and radio personality released a new documentary entitled “Being,” a highly personal look at her career and lifetime struggles.

Struggles With Cocaine

In “Being,” Williams discusses different points in career, including one at which she admits to using cocaine, while working two jobs, which required her to be constantly commuting from Washington DC to New York City. Williams explains that this is when she began using cocaine while working, citing the fact that she was “Burning the candle at both ends,” and that she “had the money to do it.”

Williams goes on to explain that she was at one point able to abuse cocaine because of the fact that she was working the late night broadcasting shift by herself. Not only does Williams admit to having literally consumed cocaine while on the job, she recalls that she also used cocaine in it’s rock from, crack, saying that she could “smoke (her) crack right there in the studio.” Ultimately, although Williams has admitted to difficulty with ceasing use of the drug, saying that there was “Never a time when (she) said ‘I can’t do this anymore,’,” she has revealed that she stopped using without the use of a rehab facility.

Drug Use And Stress

Williams’ experience of using cocaine during a period of work related stress is not unusual. Many people who are addicted to cocaine or any drug find that they are more prone to use or experience a strong desire to use after going through a period of high stress for one reason or another.

Anxiety and depression are factors that are often linked to drug use, and many people who may not have a tendency toward addiction may experience serious troubles with substance abuse. Many users find that stress is a trigger and that they turn to drugs like cocaine as a means of coping with serious stress.

Williams’ Success In Sobriety

The documentary “Being,” chronicles Williams’ highly impressive career, which has included turns as a romance author, author of her own autobiography, radio personality host, and head of her own clothing line for the QVC Home Shopping Network, and television host.

Since learning to live drug free, Williams has achieved enormous success and enjoys a position as one of television’s most popular and beloved personalities.  The Wendy Williams Show consistently receives high ratings.

Sobriety And a New Life

It is not uncommon for those who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction to find a somewhat surprising level of success after attaining sobriety. When a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol, they are not able to live life to its fullest potential.

Addiction leads a person to place use and abuse above many other vital life actions and generally leads an addict to make decisions that are based on drug use, rather than those that are based around serving important life needs. Once a person is able to free themselves from addiction, they are able to achieve a new level of clarity.

This often means experiencing lower levels of depression and anxiety, and enjoying a sense of accomplishment that often translates into the ability to tackle tasks or life goals that seemed completely impossible while using. For many addicts, seeking treatment and beginning the rewarding process of recovery is the most important decision they ever make. With sobriety comes a whole world of new beginnings. 

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