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Wahneta Ministry Reaches Out To Addicts

on Thursday, 28 June 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Treatment

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It seems today’s society has a tendency to shun those struggling with addiction, homelessness, or caught up prostitution.

However, a Florida church is practicing what they preach by reaching out to those truly in need of love.

Wahneta Tabernacle of Praise, led by Pastor Richard Owens, already lends assistance to the needy through food services and spiritual guidance, and is about to extend their reach even further.

The church is ready to start a Christian-based intervention program for those struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Most of us know of the horrible effects addiction can have on people’s lives and families, and the ministry hopes to help restore some of the damage done.

The program was originally founded in Louisiana in 1978 by a former addict whose life and career were devastated by his aggressive addiction. The program is called Christian Intervention Program, under the Spirit of Freedom Ministries, and is based in Metarie, LA. The program is designed to be 20 weeks long, and uses literature and workbooks to help guide the participants through a series of lessons.

Pastor Owens has seen the success of this program and is ready to bring it to the Wahneta community.

The local program will be taught by Wayne Golden, a parishioner of the Wahneta Tabernacle of Praise. He has received training from the director of the Spirit of Freedom Ministries, and is ready to help those in his community through the course.

Golden, a former drug addict himself, knows the struggles associated with addiction, and the difficulty of getting clean.

Along with addiction, the program will cover all types of life skill topics. They will offer guidance in areas such as, self-esteem, family relations, and parenting, to name a few.

“The course doesn’t just deal with addictive behavior,” said Golden. “It helps individuals with controlling their finances. It’s a life skill course.”

Golden strongly believes in the program, and has already seen the positive impact it can have on someone’s life.

Mark Griffis, a former crystal meth addict, went through the program 11 years ago and has been clean ever since. “For years I didn’t have any control over myself,” he said. “My mind was, ‘I’ve got to have another fix,’ and this program brought me back to reality.” Griffis now works as a prison minister, and is proof of hope for others.

“This program is just to try to help somebody get their life back on the right track and get their family back together,” said Owens. “The church is here to support and work with them every way they can.” We hope to see more programs like this popping up across the country. With more people falling victim to addiction, we need to encourage those in need that there is hope out there.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact us.

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