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Vodka Infused Tampons a New and Dangerous Trend

on Tuesday, 29 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

vodka infused tampons

A form of extreme drinking where teenagers think they can get drunk without showing any obvious signs of intoxication involves alcohol-soaked tampons. According to, Tina Coffelt with New Horizons Sober Living in Encinitas, California, thinks this practice is a dangerous new trend.

Teenagers consider it a rush and thrill. One of the patients at Scripps Treatment Center said, "I was 14 when I was drinking with a 12-year-old. Most people aren't satisfied with drinking a little. We all drink to get drunk." He claims that for some teenagers, drinking and drugs become a way of life. He explains, "It was just a lot easier to get through the day. It made things more interesting and colorful." He is not surprised that kids search the internet for new and dangerous extremes to get high.

Coffelt said that she has heard in all, from alcohol-infused gummy bears to vodka infused tampons. She worries about vodka-infused tampons, saying, "A big reason they do it is you get a faster high and then you don't have to have the stomach upset so vomiting is rare." This kind of behavior is symptomatic of addiction. She also said, "It is a faster process of how much is going into the blood stream so there is a much higher risk of alcohol poisoning which can be fatal."

The growing number of younger addicts is concerning to a lot of addiction professionals. The numbers of young opiate addicts are growing, and kids have begun dangerously experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

If you know a young person who may have an issue with drugs or alcohol, click here for more information.

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