UN Urges Thailand to End Forced Rehabilitation

on Tuesday, 24 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Treatment

Forced Rehabilitation

The United nation urges Thailand to end its program of mandatory drug rehabilitation for addicts, instead encouraging their own participation and community involvement in the recovery process. Those of us in recovery know that you have to want recovery for it to work. A recent UN report says that Thailand has forced rehabilitation on 65% of the 400,000 addicts in the country, while only 25% of them have undergone treatment willingly, and 13% have succeeded with their treatment.

The UN has also condemned other mandatory rehabilitation programs in Southeastern Asian countries like Vietnam. The UN claims these programs are "counterproductive," as well as violating the rights of drug users in some cases. A 2011 NGO Human Rights Watch report claim some residents of forced treatment centers are required to take on dangerous, unpaid labor, sometimes receiving physical abuse if they do not comply. Earlier this month, 96 addicts escaped a compulsory drug rehab center in Vietnam.

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