Turkish Man Creates Wire Mask To Quit Smoking

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Turkish Man Creates Wire Mask To Quit Smoking

If you have ever tried to kick the habit of smoking you may be able to relate to Ibrahim Yucel, a man from turkey who has constructed a special wire helmet to prevent him from smoking. Ibrahim is a 42 year old technician who was born in Kutahya, Turkey who says he wants to bring an end to his 26 year long habit of smoking two packs of cigarettes every day. Each year on his three children’s birthdays and his wedding anniversary Ibrahim would commit to giving up cigarettes but was never able to go more than a few days before relapsing.

Ibrahim would receive lots of support from his friends, family and co-workers who all tried to persuade him to give up tobacco cigarettes but he just could not bring himself to do it. Ibrahim recently lost his father to lung cancer induced by smoking a few months ago which made Ibrahim realize that he did not want his children to experience the same thing. However, Ibrahim also knew that his habit was too strong to overcome just from sheer willpower so he decided to come up with a drastic solution. Ibrahim’s wire mask, built like a circular metal wire cage which was inspired by motorcycle helmets to prevent him from lighting up cigarettes.

Ibrahim was forced to construct the wire helmet himself since blacksmiths refused to help. Ibrahim made sure that the copper wires were so close together that it would be impossible to fit a cigarette between them and he also added two locking mechanisms. One key was given to his 14 year old daughter Ayse and the other key was given to his wife Kawthar so he cannot take off the cage when he leaves home. For the time being the device has prevented Ibrahim from smoking for four days. In addition to dealing with the embarrassment of wearing a bizarre device on his head in public he will also have to fight the urge to smoke at work.

Although the idea for a wireframe helmet seems extreme, after his wife Kawthar has been constantly begging him to stop smoking cigarettes in the 16 years they have been married she realized it may be the only solution. She initially did not like the idea of her husband Ibrahim wearing a metal helmet everywhere he goes but after seeing his determination to quit smoking she began to support him.

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