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Tulsa Woman Arrested After Her 7th Child Is Born Addicted to Cocaine

on Tuesday, 01 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Cocaine

Addicted Mothers

Child neglect charges have been filed against a Tulsa woman after her baby was born addicted to cocaine several weeks ago. According to, the mother was arrested last week. This was her seventh child that has been either born addicted or taken away from her for abuse.

District Attorney Tim Harris says enough is enough. This case is no longer simply a matter for DHS, but is now a matter of the courts. Records show that 34-year-old Daiquiri Miller has been booked in Tulsa County Jail 14 different times, and most of the arrests involved drugs or prostitution. Tulsa Police Corporal said, "The mother did admit to her doctor that she had used cocaine on a nearly daily basis while pregnant and did not have prenatal care, other than one appointment ten weeks before the child's birth."

Records show that Daiquiri had a baby girl in 1997 that was taken away at three months old because of a broken leg. Two years later, she had a baby boy that was born addicted to crack cocaine and marijuana. The next year, she had a baby girl who tested positive at birth for marijuana. In 2006, she had another girl who was removed after four months, when the baby was found in an alley with the mother and her boyfriend smoking crack. Three years later, she had another child born addicted to crack. Just last year, she had her sixth child, who was also addicted to crack at birth.

Normally, DHS works with mothers to get them clean, but this mother faces felony charges because the pattern is so disturbing. Daiquiri has been charged with neglect for her last three babies born addicted to drugs. The DA cannot file charges for any of the other children because of the statute of limitations.

A court affidavit shows that Daiquiri told health services after this most recent arrest, she "wondered what took you so long."

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Photo courtesy of Police Handout.

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