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Treatment Helps Cultivate Willingness to Stay Clean

on Tuesday, 02 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Treatment Helps Cultivate Willingness to Stay Clean

Many addicts enter treatment with a little bit of doubt about their addiction or a thought in the back of their mind that they can still somehow moderate their behavior. They may be terrified at the thought of losing the lifestyle they had and the idea of quitting permanently seems impossible.

However, as long as they have at least some willingness and motivation to stay clean they can begin to cultivate that feeling in treatment and get rid of any notion of ever using again. Everything about recovery rests on a person's willingness to get better and do the work that will change their life.

Voluntarily entering treatment is the first step to being open and more willing to pursuing permanent sobriety.

Reluctance to Becoming Sober

People in treatment need recovery but it can take some work for them to realize that they actually want recovery too. Even though an addict has taken the right first step in attending a treatment center, they could have many remnants of denial in their mind that can hold them back.

While they may know for certain that their substance abuse has become a problem they might have thoughts that one day they can start again or learn to moderate the habit in some way. This is common in the very beginning of recovery but this type of thinking can actually be very dangerous.

When it comes to addiction there is no possibility of moderation or controlling substance abuse through minimizing it because a lack of control is what characterizes the disease. An addict will never be successful in moderation and the only solution is to stay clean and sober permanently.

Eventually a patient will learn this crucial fact while they are in treatment so that they begin to develop more of a motivation to work hard at sobriety.

Following the Rules of Treatment

Willingness is one of the most necessary qualities that an addict must learn to have while they are in treatment. They need to be willing to do the work to change their life and willing to be open and honest with the people around them.

Most importantly they need to be willing to follow every rule that is given to them knowing that it is created in order to make a more successful recovery. One of the first rules of treatment is abstaining from any kind of drug use or alcohol consumption.

Substituting abuse with other kinds of drugs or substances means that the addict is not making an effort to stay clean. It might seem helpful to replace one addiction with another but in the end it only makes recovery harder for the patient.

Complete abstinence and sobriety is the only option for someone if they truly want to recover. Any other type of substance abuse means that they are avoiding the reality of their addiction and are not dealing with the problems that contribute to their disease.

An addict must be willing to follow the rules of treatment and never engage in any drug use. A key element in recovery is being open-minded and listening to the advice that is given during treatment counseling and meetings.

Addicts have to be open to learning new information and taking in the wisdom of the people that have experience and knowledge in addiction treatment. They can't be stubborn or convinced that their ideas of how to recover are the right ones.

Part of treatment is surrendering and giving up the idea that you don't need help from anyone. People with addictions need to exhibit willingness to change and the ability to rely on others so that they can stay sober for the rest of their lives.

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