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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Caught On Camera Admiting to Smoking Crack And Refuses To Resign

on Wednesday, 20 November 2013. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Cocaine

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Caught On Camera Admiting to Smoking Crack And Refuses To Resign

The Mayor of Toronto has refused to resign in-spite of admissions to smoking crack cocaine.

The Mayor of Toronto, Canada, Rob Ford, has had a flurry of scandalous events occur to him over the past few weeks, bringing in demands for his immediate resignation. The first were allegations that a video of him smoking crack cocaine existed, which he denied. He later confirmed that he had in fact smoked crack-cocaine “within the last year” when he was in a “drunken stupor” but refused to step down after the admission. Now, a video has surfaced on the internet of Mr. Ford caught on camera screaming obscenities and threatening to kill people while extremely intoxicated.

Over the last several weeks, in response to all these events, people in the government of Canada and citizens of Toronto, Canada’s fourth largest city and financial hub, have been demanding that he take a leave of absence, if not step down entirely. The only way Mr. Ford would be able to be legally removed against his own will from office was if he were officially sentenced with a crime, which he has not been and it seems will not happen.

What is Crack-Cocaine, Exactly?

According to, crack cocaine, otherwise known simply as crack, is the “crystal form of cocaine” and is heated up and smoked through what is colloquially known as a crack-pipe. Seeing as the drug is inhaled through the lungs, as opposed to being snorted through the nose, it reaches the brain faster and causes a rapid, more euphoric high, albeit it is a short one.

As a result of the way it is used, and the fact that it is cheaper than normal cocaine, causes it to become one of the most addictive drugs currently known. In fact, it is so addictive that most users usually become addicted after the first try.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is basically defined by an obsession to drink at any time during the day, despite the consequences or circumstances. It has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a genetic disease. Alcoholics drink no matter what, and such drinking is usually followed by extreme behavior, making the person “not themselves”. Constant repercussions follow the alcoholic because of his drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous defines alcoholism as an allergy of the body; once the alcoholic has but one drink, the allergy is triggered and what can happen from there on out is anyones guess. More drinks are needed, and more, and sometimes it is followed by drug usage. Drunken binges are usually ended by the alcoholic passing out. It is also common for the alcoholic to “black out” and not remember what happened during their drinking.

The only way to “cure” alcoholism is by total and complete abstinence. The sensitivity and severity of the allergy increases over time, even if the alcoholic is not drinking at all. Relapses back into drinking, especially over a long period of time, can lead to severe consequences such as alcohol poisoning and even death; this is because of the body’s lowered tolerance and the powerful obsession from the increased allergy.

What Does This Mean For Mayor Rob Ford?

Crack cocaine is not a recreational drug to use, nor is it safe. It’s not something one can have once in a while and be fine with no problems. By having admitted that he used it once “within the last year”, it is safe to note that there is a probability that this is not the first occurrence, and if it was, the possibility that it was not the last is also, unfortunately, very real.

Seeing as he had the thought to try crack cocaine while intoxicated coupled with the video of him being a violent, belligerent drunk, it is safe to classify Mr. Fords alcohol consumption as not normal drinking, which is a symptom of alcoholism.

Addicts and alcoholics are usually found to be in extreme denial about their affliction, one that bases itself within the body, and if not in denial, they are usually found to be indifferent to it. Again, the only solution for such a problem is total abstinence, usually preceded by a stay in a detoxification and/or rehabilitation facility. According to, a lawyer and legal spokesman for Mayor Rob Ford said that he is considering rehabilitation, which is good news indeed. If Mr. Ford is in fact an addict and an alcoholic, this is the best course for him and one can hope that we see a new man in the future.

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