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Top 5 Apps That Help Your Sobriety

on Thursday, 02 April 2015. Posted in Breaking News

If you are working towards sobriety, you know that it's often a lot of work, and you are going to want to have every help you can at your disposal.

Some great resources have been recently created as Smartphone apps, tools that can encourage, motivate, and help your recovery that can be carried in your pocket, with you at all times.

Here are five apps that may prove helpful in your journey to sobriety.

1. Field Guide to Life [$4.99, iTunes, Google Play]

Created by the Hazelden Addiction Center, the Field Guide to Life is filled with lots of information and resources for people getting through the first year of sobriety. You can have access to literature, action steps you can take, and a "panic button," you can use to call your sponsor with a simple click.

More then just a collection of readings, the Field Guide to Life enables you to journal your thoughts from the readings, and help you work through plans for appreciating "Power Ups" that make it easier, and overcoming "Obstacles" that you will encounter.

2. I am Sober [$1.99, iTunes, Google Play]

I am Sober consists almost entirely of a few blue screens, telling you the number of days you've been sober on a large circle. Below that, is a line indicating how close you are to a "milestone." Go one screen over, and it tells you the amount of money you've saved because of your sobriety.

That may not sound like much at first, but having a regular reminder of your sobriety can be a huge boast to your confidence. By seeing that number, and seeing the milestones you have accomplished, you renew your commitment to sobriety, and can take a moment to congratulate and encourage yourself for making it another day.

3. Steps Away [$9.99, iTunes]

For many people, peer group support meetings are among the most helpful tool in helping them continue to work on their issues of sobriety and get encouragement from others. This app uses your phone's location detection to let you know all about the meetings close to you, and allows you to search for appropriate meetings at a time and place that work for you.

With a convenience never before possible, you can find meetings easily and quickly, both giving you access to help when you need it, and eliminating a potential excuse that you aren't sure how to get to a meeting, or that you're too busy.

4. Coach.Me [Free, iTunes, Google Play]

Recovery from addiction is not just about stopping bad habits, but building up regular good habits that can support your health and well-being. The Coach.Me app, formally called Lift Motivation, enables you to choose a from among 200,000 goals ranging from exercise, sleep, meditation, eating healthy, and organization.

It breaks this goal down into manageable steps you can do every day, until you have created a real lifestyle change. It will give you tasks to accomplish, send you a notification to remind you, and allow you to celebrate when you have completed them. There is also a "coaching" function, where you can turn to a community of users and professional coaches to get advice on how to best accomplish your goals.

5. Breath to Relax [Free, iTunes, Google Play]

One of the biggest causes of addiction is anxiety and stress. Without your substance of choice, it can sometimes be hard to know how to manage stress. One method of relaxation and letting go of irrational stress that many people find to be helpful is mindful, attentive deep breathing.

These breathing exercises bring your attention to the present moment and help you feel better and more relaxed. This app has several different breathing exercises for you to choose from, and will guide you each step of the way of taking a little bit of time to attend to your breathing.

New apps continue to be developed all the time; many of them may prove to be useful or encouraging in your journey towards sobriety. Social media's relevancy has reached an all time high. Utilizing your phone as a tool against addiction can open you up to a wide variety of useful resources that can support your goal of recovery.

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