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The Steps Necessary to Get and Stay Clean

on Tuesday, 02 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

The Steps Necessary to Get and Stay Clean

The idea of quitting an addiction can seem overwhelming and impossible to handle but it can be accomplished when you take things one day at a time and follow the steps you need to take to get sober. Once you recognize that you have a problem you have already reached a huge milestone and reaching out for help will be the first and most important step in the process of recovery.

Every part of recovering from alcohol or drug addiction seems difficult at first but becoming sober can be quite manageable when it is broken down in steps and individual goals for you to achieve. When you know and understand each component of the treatment process you can approach each step with more motivation and willingness to change your life.

The First Steps of Addiction Treatment

The earliest stages of recovery begin with the moment you decide to change by entering a treatment center. The first step is realizing how much your addiction has created problems in your life and negatively affected all the people around you.

The beginning of treatment means getting through any remaining feelings of denial and realizing that you will never use drugs or alcohol again. The decision to be permanently sober can be a difficult one to make but it is necessary to move forward and do the work in addiction treatment.

Once you enter a treatment center and make a commitment to sobriety you will have to endure the process of detox and withdrawal. It is crucial for every addict to go through detox in a medical setting so that they can rid their bodies of any type of physical dependency.

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be painful but detoxifying can make it easier to focus on dealing with emotional and mental aspects of addiction once the physical need to use is gone.

Opening Up and Seeking Support

Addiction is a disease that can lead to a lot of lying, secrets and deception. An addict always wants to hide their behavior so that they can continue or even because deep down they are ashamed of what they've become.

The next step in recovery and getting clean is learning to open up to others and be honest with everyone in your life. This means admitting to the people closest to you that you have a problem and you need their support in getting through recovery.

Having a support system is a necessity while in treatment and it can come either from friends, family members or even your peers going through recovery. In this period of time it is a good idea to build up a network of sober people in your life that you can rely on for advice and support when you need help.

You might have a sponsor or simply a friend that is experiencing the same problems that you are dealing with. Sober friends and a support group can help you find new social outlets that do not involve any type of substance abuse.

Avoiding Triggers and Creating New Habits

In order to stay clean permanently after leaving treatment you will need to build a new life that no longer centers around abuse as it had in the past. That means developing new and more positive habits and dealing with cravings when they occur.

You might go through a period of time when you avoid old drinking buddies, parties and even bars and clubs so that you can focus on getting better. It can be helpful to discover new hobbies that help you feel fulfilled and also relieve stress whenever you feel the urge to drink or use drugs.

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