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The Mental Aspect of Getting Clean and Sober

on Thursday, 23 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Getting sober is an act of total mental transformation. When you are actively using drugs and alcohol, it is easy for your brain to become accustomed to thinking in terms of using and maintaining a constant desire to keep finding and consuming drugs or alcohol.

For this reason, it is necessary for a recovering addict to change many of the ways that they think and perceive the world when they are ready to get sober. Here are a few ways that the way you think can impact the way you get clean and sober.

Having Faith In Yourself

One of the most important and difficult tasks facing newly recovering addicts is remaining confident that you can and will achieve your goal of health and sobriety. While you were using, you very likely experienced many moments that made you doubt your ability to successfully follow through on the goals that you have for yourself.

You do, however, have the power and the strength to get sober. It is crucial that you remain focused on your own ability to achieve great things. Unlike using, recovering is all about realizing your potential and constantly evolving to be the best person you can be.

Realizing That Even Pain Is Temporary

Most addicts have one thing in common: that they use drugs or alcohol as a means of numbing or avoiding intense and uncomfortable feelings. In recovery, it is necessary to begin to realize that even the most uncomfortable sensations are temporary, and that you will be able to make through them if you can just find a way to work through the sensation rather than numbing it or trying to hide from it.

Recognizing the temporary nature of pain and other uncomfortable emotions is a key factor in ensuring that you will remain focused on your recovery and that you will stay strong through even the most difficult emotions.

Allowing Yourself to Ask for Help

It is not realistic or practical to believe that you will be able to overcome addiction without making use of the support system that you have around you. The wonderful thing about the recovery community is that you will be surrounded by people who will be able to offer you insights they have gained from their experiences with addiction.

They will be able to help you work through things like triggers to use or emotional moments that may present challenges to your sobriety. Rather than be ashamed about what you perceive as a lapse in strength, be ready and willing to utilize the support you have in the form of your loved ones and the people in your twelve step group.

Remain Focused On the Things That Make You Happy

Gratitude is a very helpful and highly constructive emotion for anyone, but it is especially important to those in recovery. Gratitude is perhaps the most effective way of cultivating happiness because it helps you to remain focused on the things in life that bring you joy.

When you are focused on feeling grateful, you are able to remain mindful of the things that made you desire to get sober in the first place. Gratitude is also an excellent means of avoiding resentment and of remaining focused on the kinds of thoughts and ideas that will leave to decisive and productive action.

Getting in the habit of regularly thinking of the things that bring you great joy and happiness can help you to remain in a place of thankfulness. Remaining grateful and determined to continue to make happy and healthy decisions is a wonderful way to make sure you are doing everything you can to cultivate sobriety.


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