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The Major Symptoms of Percoset Use and Abuse

on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in Breaking News

The Major Symptoms of Percoset Use and Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has been a problem for the U.S. since the 1990s and has nearly reached the point of a national crisis. Currently, there are seven million Americans who take prescription drugs for non-medical reasons and the majority of those are abusing pain killers. Percoset is a common pain reliever prescribed by doctors for chronic pain or for recovery after surgery.

The drug can become very addicting because it can offer a sense of euphoria and a "high" similar to heroin abuse if it is taken in large quantities. Someone who is addicted to Percoset may be better able to hide their abuse than someone who is addicted to illegal drugs. The outward signs may not be as obvious but there are certain symptoms that can indicate that someone is abusing Percoset.

Physical Signs of Addiction

Even though many people who are addicted to Percoset may appear to function normally, they can exhibit some physical symptoms if they are taking excessive doses of pain medication. Percoset has a number of side effects which may become a problem for people abusing the drug. They could appear to be confused and disoriented during the day and often complain of being sleepy or fatigued.

They might have lightheadedness or dizziness that can interfere with their work or daily life. There are also some painful side effects to Percoset including headaches, vomiting, stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea. If someone you know is mentioning these types of symptoms and you know they have a prescription for pain medication then it could be a sign of danger.

Changing Moods and Behavior

Aside from the physical symptoms and side effects that often accompany Percoset abuse, the drug can also affect a person's emotional state. Someone who is taking Percoset on a regular basis or exceeding the normal dose could become irritable and moody if they are going through periods of withdrawal. They could also be very depressed, anxious and nervous due to the effects of coming off of the drug.

While a person is "high" on Percoset, they will exhibit the opposite emotional state and appear to be completely care-free and even rapturous because they are experiencing the euphoria of the drug. If someone seems to move back and forth between these two extremes then they could be abusing pain killers. People who are addicted to Percoset may also show certain behaviors that could be a warning sign of their abuse.

They might take frequent trips to the emergency room with various pain complaints or seem to fake illnesses so that they can keep receiving their prescription. They will also go to multiple doctors so that they can get extra quantities of the drug from different sources. As with many other addicts, Percoset abusers may begin to withdraw socially from friends and family or lose interest in their normal activities.

An addiction to Percoset can be just as dangerous as the abuse of illegal drugs. Pain killer abusers can frequently overdose and experience a coma or even die. If you or someone you know have symptoms of addiction to this drug then it is important to look for professional help.

Recovering from an addiction to pain killers is only possible in a safe and monitored environment where the abuser can detox and receive counseling for their problem. Without help for their addiction, a person who uses Percoset could struggle with serious health problems and possibly issues of mental illness. An intervention may be the best way to reach someone that is showing many of the symptoms of Percoset abuse so that they can be sent to rehab for recovery.

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