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Teens Charged Nearly $900 To Drink Alcohol

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Tuesday, 10 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

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What is this world coming to? On Sunday, twenty-five year old Eduardo Hidalgo was arrested after he allegedly accepted nearly nine hundred dollars in payment from a group of underage drinkers in exchange for allowing the minors to drink alcohol at a party at his employer’s warehouse in San Marcos.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department in San Marcos County explained that a 911 call was made to the sheriff’s department regarding a large fight that had erupted in the parking lot outside the warehouse. According to sheriff’s deputies, upon arrival at the warehouse in the fourteen hundred block of Linda Vista Drive there was a large quantity of alcohol and a huge party.

Apparently when sheriff’s deputies arrived they witnessed a noticeably and excessively large group of individuals exiting the warehouse in San Marcos. Upon further inquiry and inspection it appeared to them that a large group of individuals had just left the warehouse.

Meanwhile, sheriff’s spoke with Eduardo Hidalgo who was subsequently arrested and later booked on suspicion of violating the social host ordinance. Sheriff’s deputies allege that Hidalgo used the warehouse, approximately eight thousand square feet, to host the party. It was later revealed that the industrial sized warehouse is actually owned by Hirsh Pipe and Supply, the employer of Mr. Hidalgo.

Furthermore, statements by the sheriff’s department reveal that Mr. Hidalgo charged each entering minor a fee.

Once inside the party, minors had access to at least three kegs of beer, as well as a plethora of liquor and other containers of beer. There were also makeshift tables set up for what was believed to be beer pong.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s department released a statement informing the public that $886.00, believed to be proceeds garnered from hosting the party, was seized and confiscated by Sheriff's deputies.

A reporter from the Ten News asked Hirsh Pipe and Supply to comment on the incident, particularly with regard to whether or not Mr. Hidalgo was currently an employee there. The only comment made by the company was regarding the fact that they are currently investigating the matter. As far as the minors one individual was arrested for public intoxication but later released to his mother.

As told earlier, Hidalgo was arrested, booked and later held at Vista Detention Facility. Hidalgo may face further and in fact more serious charges, like sale of alcohol to minors, sale of alcohol less a license and contributing to delinquency of a minor. It is possible that he may be forced to pay the amount of money that the sheriff’s department spent on the investigation.

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DeShawn McQueen

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