"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood Hopes Jail Will Help Her Kick the Addiction

on Sunday, 27 May 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News

Amber Portwood Addiction

Amber Portwood, who starred on MTV's "Teen Mom," thinks that jail may be the only way she can save her life from her addiction. According to TMZ.com, the star was incarcerated and released on probation.

Her last drug test came back positive for Suboxone, and she was put back in jail. Amber admitted she cannot control herself around the drug, and she found herself buying off the street, despite her probation restrictions.

Amber claims to believe that prison may be the only way to get clean because it will force her to kick the addiction cold turkey. Currently, Amber is locked up, awaiting a judge's decision on her sentence.

Image courtesy of TMZ.

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