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Suspended Cleveland Brown’s Josh Gordon Learning Accountability

on Monday, 22 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Josh Gordon, who plays as a receiver for the Cleveland Browns has been served a strong dose of reality after a recent decision from the NFL has ruled that he is to serve a season-long suspension from the NFL after failing yet another drug test and testing positive for marijuana. This is not the first time the All-Pro player has tested positive for the drug.

In fact, during his career he has tested positive for marijuana a whopping seventy times. During his suspension, Gordon will not be allowed to attend any practices, games, or team functions.

Many of Gordon's supporters have expressed hope and good wishes for the star player, who is finally in a position where he has no other choice but to take responsibility for his actions. At the end of the season, the NFL will decide whether or not to grant Gordon re-entry into the league.

This decision will presumably be based on the degree to which Gordon ceases to abuse marijuana.

Gordon and a History of Marijuana Abuse

Gordon has exhibited a long time struggle with marijuana, and other drugs. Though this marks the first time that he is officially being sanctioned by the league for use of an illegal drug, he came up positive for drugs during the 2013 season, a fact that he blamed the use of prescribed cough syrup containing codeine on.

Denial of Charges

When Gordon was first suspended from the league based on his positive drug test, he did not exactly accept full responsibility for his actions. Rather, like other pro-football players who have been charged with illicit drug use, he denied using at all and blamed exposure to second hand smoke on his drug test.

Following his suspension, Gordon made several attempts to overturn the decision of the league, and frequently made reference to the fact that his legal team would be working on finding a way to get him back to playing. Gordon maintained that the decision to suspend him was made in error and that he had done nothing to break league rules.

Although there has been no conclusive evidence to this point either way, it is very common for individuals who are addicted to any kind of drug to be in denial about the severity of their addiction to themselves and those around them. This is because when a person is addicted to a substance, they will find virtually any way to continue using, and one of these ways is to remain in denial to themselves and others.

A New Job

Now that the football season has commenced, Gordon is in a place to reflect and accept responsibility as he takes on a new kind of job: working as a car dealer at the Sarchione Auto Group. Gordon and his co-workers have said that Gordon's decision to take a job at an auto dealership us an excellent opportunity for him to use this time off as a chance to gain some perspective as well as a means of developing possible career options for life after the NFL.

The job is also a chance for Gordon to stay occupied so that he does not have as much of a chance to use, nor will he be tempted to use because of an ample amount of free time.

Many people who are addicted to marijuana find that boredom and anger are major triggers for using. Gordon is also currently taking part in a substance abuse rehab program.

He and the people around him are confident that he will be returning to play for the Browns next season.

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