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Summit County Colorado Sees Overdose Spike, Could Be Blamed on Purer Heroin

on Tuesday, 15 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

Heroin Overdose

Summit County, Colorado also joins the ranks of so many other counties across the United States that have seen a sudden and drastic increase in heroin overdoses.

According to, at least 6 people have been hospitalized this year from heroin overdose, in comparison with only 2 deaths from heroin overdose in the last 10 years.

Authorities speculate that a purer form of heroin is circulating the area, possibly coming in from Mexico. Summit County Coroner believes the area is seeing more heroin-related incidents because the county is located along the I-70 corridor.

Smoking the drug has become increasingly popular. Of the cases seen this year, half of them smoked the drug, while the other half injected it. Law enforcement is working to try and locate the source of this purer heroin, but since their drug task force is now defunct, they have had some issues. Summit County Sheriff, John Minor, said, "We don't have the intelligence gathering that we used to have. With a drug task force, we had a pulse on the drug community and what was going on. We're just purely reactionary now."

The task force dissolved in 2010, when a major source of funding was cut. The money was refocused on rehabilitation and prevention efforts. State funding was also a problem, and they could not keep these task force employees paid. Without a task force, law enforcement must rely on people in the community for information.

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