Substance Abuse In Young Adults

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Substance Abuse Young Adults

Many young adults may be able to use prescription drugs for recreational purposes without ever experiencing addiction or negative consequences. However, for other young adults substance abuse can cause serious problems in relationships, at work, home or at school. This leaves a lot of substance abusers with feelings of regret and spiraling into a helpless or isolated state. If early signs of substance abuse are spotted early in young adults then that person should seek help immediately. It is important to know how substance abuse develops which will help people get a better understanding of the best way to deal with young adults who abuse substances.

Young adults experiment with drugs for a variety of different reasons. These reasons may include peer pressure, curiosity, or be the result of a young adult trying to improve their performance in athletic sports or boost their grades in school. Other problems may include the teen wanting to rid themselves of depression, anxiety or stress. Using substances does not mean that the substances will be abused but substance abuse has more to do with the consequences of consuming the substance rather than the frequency the substance is consumed or the amount taken.

Despite how little of the drug is being consumed if use of the drug is resulting in issues in a person’s personal life then it is likely that they have a drug abuse problem. Vulnerability to drug abuse is different for everyone. Risk factors that play a role include being neglected at an early age such as in childhood, a family history of addiction, early use of drugs and mental disorders such as anxiety or depression. The method of administration such as injecting the drug or smoking it could also significantly increase the potential of addition for the abuser.

Signs of substance abuse should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent addiction. If users are taking drugs under dangerous conditions like driving, during unprotected sex or they are using dirty needles then they are likely abusing the substance. Neglecting responsibilities to abuse drugs such as skipping class or calling off of work are also symptoms of substance abuse. Abusers may also find themselves getting into legal trouble often, getting arrested, stealing to support the substance abuse or driving under the influence are not uncommon for substance abusers. This is not only dangerous to the life of the abuser but also to the lives of the people around them.

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