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Staying Sober on Spring Break

on Monday, 16 March 2015. Posted in Breaking News

If you are planning a spring break trip but are concerned about the temptation to drink, there are ways to ensure that you remain sober throughout your vacation. Going through recovery from an addiction can be especially difficult in times of celebration or on holidays.

Although in the past spring break may have been a time when you drank excessively you can still enjoy your vacation while remaining completely sober. Taking steps to prevent any possibility of relapse can help you have a safer and more comfortable experience.

If you know how to avoid drinking during spring break you can avoid some of your anxiety about relapsing and have fun with your family or friends.

Choose the Right Location
When you are deciding where to go on a spring break trip try to avoid choosing a place where you have been in the past during your period of addiction. Memories of what might have taken place there – either the fun times drinking or regrettable mistakes, could prove distracting and triggering for you.

As you plan your spring break vacation try to think of a location that will make you less inclined to drink. There are plenty of vacation spots that are low risk for drinking like national parks and camping sites where it is difficult to buy alcohol.

A natural environment without all the bars and clubs of a big city can be more conducive to sobriety. Any place that you do not associate with drinking heavily can be a good choice for spring break. If you were known to drink in certain cities or common vacation spots like beaches then you should avoid those as much as possible.

Plan Activities and Stay Busy
Once you decide on a location it is a good idea to plan plenty of activities for your trip. Being too idle or bored on vacation can lead to the desire to drink again. Make sure to plan ahead so you do not experience too much down time while you are away on spring break.

Try to think of some activities for every day of your trip so you don't have empties days or nights with nothing to do. The busier you are on spring break, the less you will think about the possibility of drinking to pass the time.

Having all your activities planned ahead of time can eliminate some of the risk of relapse and you can have a more exciting vacation overall instead of sitting in your hotel room. Another important measure for staying sober throughout spring break is to let everyone in your support network know you are going on a trip.

When you have sober friends or mentors that know about your vacation they can offer you advice and keep you accountable throughout the whole trip. You can reach out to people in your support network to stay grounded and connected to your goal of being sober during spring break.

While you are on vacation, there is no reason you can't continue with a sober routine that you have developed to keep you on track. If you have a regular routine to help you deal with your temptation then continue to be involved in that especially during any down time during your trip.

Your sober routine might include meditation, prayer, working out, cooking healthy meals, going to twelve step meetings or calling your sober friends. Doing whatever you can to stay in touch with your normal sober activities could help you avoid any triggers that might lead to relapse.

As you go through each day of your spring break trip, find ways to enjoy yourself that do not involve alcohol. Take in the sights and spend time with your family or friends so that you can have a good time without drinking.

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