Rehab Review From TheFix: Spencer Recovery Center

on Tuesday, 09 April 2013. Posted in Breaking News

Spencer Recovery Center

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'People of all ages (18–80) and backgrounds are welcome at Spencer Recovery Center in beautiful Laguna Beach, California—which, despite its sterling reputation, is actually one of the more affordable SoCal rehabs. Some participants became so close with their peers that they keep in contact with them well after the program is over. “It was really nice as opposed to that ‘jailhouse’ scene found in so many treatment centers,” says one alumnus.'

'....Once you get through detox and primary treatment, and it comes time to leave, Spencer will set you up with good aftercare, which is “crucial to somebody new in recovery,” noted one former resident. Between the counseling sessions, extracurricular activities, helpful staff and frequent aftercare, “it’s a great overall package.”

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