Spanish Island To Rehab Its Drinking Reputation

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Majorca Drinking Ban

The Spanish island Majorca is looking to create a new image by cleaning up its reputation. Majorca is mostly known as a holiday destination that travelers frequent often for its party tendencies. However, now the Spanish island will be proposing a 24 hour public drinking ban to keep remove alcohol from its streets in an attempt to turn Majorca into a luxury holiday destination. They are hoping the new luxury holiday destination will be more appealing which will help them generate even more income. Locations that have done something similar include sites like St. Tropez which is a popular destination among higher paid families and individuals.

According to reports what they hope to accomplish is discouraging Brits and Germans, their most common clientele, who frequent Majorca often and participate in heavy binge drinking. Attracting visitors who are wealthier from locations such as Dubai and China is a high priority for them and they believe the new image will grant their wishes. In addition to glossing over their image by upgrading restaurants and hotels and constructing a new casino, officials also want a public ban on drinking on the Playa de Palma strip which stretches for four miles. The Playa de Palma strip is a popular location well known to travelers as a “must see” spot.

Instead, officials want to turn the Playa de Palma destination into a place filled with fine dining and sports facilities where the wealthy can enjoy a fun time with the new luxuries. Deputy Mayor of the island’s capital Palma, Alvaro Gijon says if people want to get drunk they should do it in clubs and discos, not on the beach in public. He added that booze tourism is out of date and there needs to be change to attract more mature crowds of people who will help the city make a good impression.

Alvaro says there are other places in the world where people can drink in public and party all night, but that they want to attract people who are going to spend a lot of money. The first ban on public drinking has already been set during the summer between the hours of 10am – 1pm. Majorca gets visited approximately six million times every year and it is estimated that tourism is responsible for nearly 80% of the total GDP on the island. The officials are looking forward to seeing the 24 hour public drinking ban being put into place soon.

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