Some Every Day Baby Soaps Trigger False Positive in Marijuana Testing

on Friday, 22 June 2012. Posted in Marijuana, Breaking News

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A shocking number of babies are testing positive for marijuana use. According to, baby wash, baby shampoo, and bedtime bath soap have been blamed for a spike in false positive marijuana results in babies' urine.

According to the Journal Clinical Biochemistry, these seemingly innocent, everyday baby products caused babies to test positive for marijuana in urine tests. The study found that these false positives have to do with how the baby's urine is captured. Those tests usually get more than just urine, as they also capture soap residue on the baby's skin.

Scientists say that none of these soaps actually contain marijuana, but something in the soap triggers a false positive. Scientists published this material to let hospitals know that when a test comes back positive for marijuana, they should also do a blood test.

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