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Slipknot’s Jim Root Addresses Band’s Feelings on Passing of Former Bassist

on Thursday, 11 December 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was a very popular musician who had quite a following as a member of the long standing band.

Many fans were shocked and saddened four years ago to learn that Gray had lost his battle with addiction and succumbed to an overdose.

Although Gray's death was an eye opener to many in the public about the severity of his problem with drug abuse, many Slipknot fans were not aware of the degree to which he had been struggling with drug addiction.

Now, in 2014, Brenna Gray, Paul Gray's widow, is bringing charges against the doctor who she alleges negligently continued to dispense the drug Xanax to her late husband.

The suit has also brought forth claims that Gray's bandmates were not very helpful when it came to Gray's attempts to get sober, and some members of the band have come forward to express their continued sadness over the loss of their band mate, and to clarify some of the events that surrounded Gray's descent into addiction.

Root Claims That The Band Tried to Help Paul Get Treatment
Although Brenna cited several instances wherein she believes that the members of Slipknot knew about Gray's illness and did nothing to stop it, Jim Root, the band's bassist has said that far from being negligent, he and the other members of the band made several attempts to talk to Gray about his abuse of Xanax, and that they urged him to go to rehab.

Root emphasized, as many people in the addiction health community do, that addiction is a disease and that his friend was indeed very very sick. He went on to recall that the band had staged a number of attempts to break through to Gray, who they hoped would realize that he badly needed treatment.

Ironically, in the days leading up to his overdose, Gray had expressed a strong desire to get clean.

Addiction is a Disease That Takes Over an Addict's Life
The members of Slipknot's reports that as Gray slipped further and further into addiction, he became less and less invested in his career, are essentially consistent with the symptoms that many severe drug addicts present.

When a person is addicted to a substance of any kind, their brain's reward center becomes so accustomed to feeling the sensations that are brought on by a drug that it completely rewires the brain and makes it singularly focused on finding and using more of a substance.

When this happens, even the people and things that a person once held so dearly, may fall to the wayside. This is way loss of employment and estranged relationships with close family members are so common among addicts.

Xanax Can Be a Deadly Killer
Xanax, the drug that Gray overdosed on, is a member of the opiate family, which is one of the fastest growing groups of drugs currently being abused by addicts.

Unlike heroin, which is also an addictive member of the opiate family, opiates are often available by prescription, and many people who ultimately become addicted to prescription opiates are first introduced to them in a medical context.

The regulation of opiate dispensation has been a topic that many individuals, from law enforcement to health care providers, have stressed a serious need to further examine. Many people advocate for better technology available to doctors and pharmacists who may choose to prescribe this potentially very harmful drug to their patients.

Doctors are advised to know the signs of dependency and to help their patient get help when necessary.

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