Top 10 Signs of Problem Drinking

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Signs Of A Drinking Problem

1. Feeling remorse after drinking
A person that could be suffering from alcohol often times feels guilty or remorseful as a result of drinking. Sometimes this is because they have does something that is worthy of guilty feelings other times it is just the act of drinking itself that makes a person feel bad.

2. Losing time from work as a result of drinking
If you are having trouble going to work or have had significant loss of work time as a result of drinking it is possible that you might have a problem with alcohol. If your boss or coworkers have expressed concern this is also a sign of a problem.

3. Having cravings for alcohol
Having a craving for alcohol is a sign that a person’s body has started to need the substance in order to function normally, or at least the mind thinks that the substance is something it needs to function normally.

4. Wanting to drink in the morning
Wanting to drink in the morning or wanting to drink to cure a hangover are both signs of problem drinking. Individuals who have a normal relationship with alcohol do not crave alcohol in the morning.

5. Drinking alone
Some people like to drink with friends, in other cases it is normal to have a glass of wine or a few drinks alone occasionally. A person that drinks alone often or drinks alone to hide the amount they are drinking might have an issue with alcohol.

6. Blacking out
Having a complete memory loss is a sign of problem drinking. In normal drinkers, this experience is extremely scary and one that they would not like to repeat again. Alcohol abusers often have black outs and do not see the severity of what a complete memory loss means.

7. Financial difficulties
Struggling to manage money as a result of too much drinking could mean that there is a problem with alcohol. You might consider seeking help if you are unable to manage your finances because of excessive drinking.

8. Hospitalization or institutionalization
A person that has been hospitalized as a result of drinking too much or has gone to jail or a rehabilitation facility for alcohol related issues probably has a substance abuse problem with alcohol.

9. Binge drinking
Drinking 5 or more drinks in a sitting is considered binge drinking. Alcoholics or problem drinkers often binge drink and because they do not drink daily they can stay in denial for longer. Binge drinking is just as much problem drinking as daily drinking with sometimes more severe consequences.

10. Switching types of alcohol to try to control your drinking
Changing drinks or types of alcohol in order to tell yourself you do not have a problem is also a sign of problem drinking.

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