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Should You Wait Until Rock Bottom To Quit Drinking?

on Thursday, 07 April 2016. Posted in Breaking News

Should You Wait Until Rock Bottom To Quit Drinking?

Many people believe that in order to quit drinking or using drugs they must first hit "rock bottom". This commonly held belief is actually quite damaging when it comes to seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol problem.

It is true that many people in recovery did hit rock bottom, or the point where their lives as addicts became so miserable that they had to get sober, in order to make a change, but it is by no means the only option to getting sober.

Oftentimes the concept of hitting one's bottom is misused by addicts as an excuse to continue drinking or using drugs. They continue to wait for a day or moment when it becomes crystal clear that they need to get sober. The truth is, making the decision to quit drinking isn't always that easy or obvious.

Hitting rock bottom isn't always as dramatic as it people make it out to be. You don't have to first lose everything in order to make the decision. It's true that many people have to destroy careers, families, and relationships before they realize how serious and destructive their addiction has become.

But oftentimes it just takes a certain amount emotional turmoil to realize that alcoholism is destroying one's life. When a person can no longer see a future in continuing to drink or use drugs, however it may come about, then they can say they've hit rock bottom.

Why it's important to quit drinking now.

Making excuses and putting off getting sober is one of the most dangerous things an alcoholic or addict can do. Quitting drugs or alcohol can be done now for many reasons. Some of the benefits of getting sober immediately include:

-Putting an end to your suffering and begin living a better life.
-Delaying sobriety will only make addiction or alcoholism worse and quitting more difficult.
-It is never too late to quit drinking or using drugs. No matter how old a person is, where they are in their life, or what they've done in the past, it is possible to make a change and start a new chapter.
-Life will get better without drugs or alcohol. Relationships can improve, health is renewed, and emotional balance can be found

There are many ways to get help for alcohol or drug addiction. Once you make the decision that enough is enough and a change needs to be made, look into some of the following options for assistance:

-Arrange a stay at a rehab center. This is one of the most common ways to achieve sobriety. A rehab center will offer the support needed in the early stages of recovery that help build a strong and solid foundation for a lifetime.
-Talk to an addiction therapist. Another good option that can help guide you to the recovery method that's right for you. Talking to a therapist also helps shed light on underlying psychological issues that may be present.
-Start attending 12 step meetings. This is a common option for getting support from a community of sober people and for sharing your experience with others.
-Break off contact with friends or others you know who drink or use drugs. If you feel that people in your life are keeping you trapped in addiction, then this step will be very effective.
-Talk to a doctor. A medical professional is absolutely a good idea when detox from drugs or alcohol is necessary.

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