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Scott Storch Recovers From Cocaine Addiction

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Scott Storch Recovers From Cocaine Addiction

Famed music producer Scott Stortch has been reported to be in jail and, at times, even dead over the last several years. After publicly battling cocaine addiction and then relapsing after spending time in rehab, the producer has come out of his private life and announced that he is keeping a lower profile after struggling with a serious cocaine addiction that led him to lose virtually everything he owned, including almost all of a thirty million dollar fortune.

Stortch's Pop Influence

Stortch had, at one point, been a producer that worked with a variety of very successful recording artists and who had been a major part of a number of music hits. He worked with artists like Little Wayne, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton and was considered by many to be a very successful person and a major part of the music recording industry.

He is the owner of Stortch Music Company, and has been responsible for signing many emerging hip hop artists and being the person who kick started their careers.  Stortch is also a very talented musician in his own right and can play keyboards and piano.

Excess Of Success

When reporting that he was in fact seeking recovery for a problem that Stortch himself admitted had sent him to rock bottom, the producer recounted years of being helpless to the powerful disease that is cocaine addiction. He has reported keeping a lower profile because of the fact that he is so intent on rebuilding what was totally destroyed by his addiction.

Over the course of his severe addition, which Storch says lasted around three years, he spent thirty million dollars both on cocaine itself and on the many excessive items that he feels cocaine led him to irrationally purchase. These lavish items ranged from drugs to cars, excessive trips, multiple houses, and parties, all of which the producer refers to as items that were purchased because of “poor judgment decisions.”

These poor decisions ultimately led to legal trouble for Stortch, who was arrested for grand theft auto as a result of refusing to return a Bentley he had leased and then faced more troubles after failing to pay his child support and taxes, all while continuing to spend money on drugs and items that he was compelled to purchase because of drugs.

Irrational Behavior Common Among Cocaine Addicts

Stortch may have had a bigger budget with which to purchase excessively, but his behavior is fairly common for a person who is addicted to cocaine. Cocaine is a drug that often makes users experience feelings of euphoria or extreme confidence during its peak effects and may lead to serious lapses in judgement or an absence of the ability to consider the true consequences of their actions.

It is also very common for addicts of all kinds to spend money on drugs instead of spending it on vital life functions because of the fact that drug addiction impacts a person’s reward receptors and alters the way their brain functions so that they become completely fixated with finding and consuming more drugs, even at the expense of important relationships or their very ability to provide for themselves or the people who are dependent on them.

Rock Bottom and Getting Help

Many addicts much reach rock bottom before they come to the realization that they do in fact badly need treatment for their addiction. When a person has reached rock bottom, their addiction has finally spiraled so out of control that there may be no option for them other than to seek help in order to finally stop using. 


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