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Scott Disick Still Dealing With Alcoholism

on Thursday, 08 January 2015. Posted in Breaking News

The model and reality tv star has been having a very public battle with drugs and alcohol. Scott Disick may be known mostly as Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend and father of her three children, but the 31 year old is also struggling with an alcohol addiction.

On a recent episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills that led to a trip to the emergency room was the focus. This episode made it clear to viewers and Kardashian fans that Disick has a serious, life threatening problem that needs to be addressed.

The day of the incident, Disick had been drinking throughout the day and then downed almost an entire bottle of prescription sleeping pills as cameras followed him. He began the day with a morning bout of drinking after which Disick was carried to bed by his security guard.

Disick slept it off and after awaking in the afternoon, began drinking heavily once again at a nearby club. Disick then returned home and finished off the night with the bottle of sleeping bills.

As he began to lose consciousness from the pill and alcohol combo, Disick started to panic and thought that he was going to die. He spoke with girlfriend Kourtney, who was in Los Angeles at the time, on the phone before asking to be taken to the hospital, and told her he didn't think he was going to make it.

Viewers watched as Disick's ordeal continued from a Hamptons emergency room. After reviving Disick, the doctor spoke with the young man about the potentially deadly mix of pills and alcohol that he had consumed. As the doctor scolded him for his behavior, Disick appeared to be forlorn and ashamed of his behavior.

The overdose left girlfriend Kourtney terrified about Disick's condition. She fears that if his self destructive behavior continues that she may lose her partner and the children their father.

Kourtney made it very clear that getting help for his alcoholism is vital for keeping Disick alive. She emphasized that a month long stay in rehab away from the children would be nothing compared to succumbing to alcoholism and never seeing them again.

The June 2014 overdose was a turning point for Disick, who later admitted that his alcohol use had gotten out of hand. He admitted that his issues with anxiety and the recent deaths of his parents had a lot to do with his increased alcohol consumption and reckless behavior.

Disick felt that he may permanently lose the things most important to him unless something drastic was done. Nevertheless after making this statement, Disick decided to forego a stay in conventional rehab. His reason was that 30 days away from his children was just too difficult for him to handle.

In recent weeks it has been revealed that Kourtney has stepped in and become involved with Disick's attempted recovery. With the birth of their son Reign Aston in December, there is even more at stake for the father of three.

Disick has been confined to the family home where Kourtney and other Kardashian family members can keep a close eye on him. Because Disick first stint in rehab didn't seem to do much, this seemed to be the only other option to keep him away from alcohol.

So far the plan to keep Scott at home has been working. The young father has been completely focused on caring for his newborn son and spending time with the rest of his family. Disick is also working with an addiction specialist to develop a plan that will help keep him sober for good.

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