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Scientology Helped Him Not Only Let Go Of Drugs And Alcohol, It Helped Him Let Go Of Guilt About the Past

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Monday, 27 August 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News, Alcohol

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That is often what most addicts and alcoholics want to do, let go of the guilt and shame that is associated with their pasts.

Often, alcohol and drugs are the only tools that alcoholics and addicts have to assist them with maintaining any type of peace of mind, until it does not work anymore.

David Brown, who has been a Scientologist since he was approximately two years old, began experimenting with drugs and alcohol when he was sixteen years old, and as they say, “….it snowballed from there”.

In an essay that Brown wrote and is published on the Church of Scientology Missouri website, he discussed his use of LSD, mushrooms, alcohol and marijuana.

Brown writes about idolizing individuals such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and members of The Grateful Dead. Each individual mentioned has notoriety associated with drugs and alcohol.

Brown goes on to write about all the time he wasted and lost, not to mention the people that he hurt due to drugs and alcohol.

He vividly describes the loss that he felt after his friend was murdered after going to purchase a beer. Apparently, the death of his friend was the catalyst for Brown to end his own journey with drugs and alcohol.

Brown returned to his religion as a source of strength to help him conquer drugs and alcohol.

In fact, Brown credits his involvement in the scientology organization as the reason why he gave up drugs and alcohol five years ago.

In his essay, Brown thanks the organization and the many people apart of the organization that supported him in his efforts to quit drugs and alcohol.

Today, Brown is clean and sober and speaks fondly of simple moments, like noticing a plant, or tree, or listening to a song that moves him emotionally.

According to Brown, he is more happy, clean and sober, than he ever was when he was drinking and using drugs.

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