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San Diego Man Profits From Underage Drinkers

on Monday, 02 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

underage drinking party

Underage drinking has been a big problem for a long time. With many ways for underage drinkers to get their hands on alcohol, the fight has been a tough one.

Although most resellers do a good job by carding buyers who look younger than 40, there are still many loopholes. Between relatives, friends, and social events; alcohol is easily finding its way to minors.

A local San Diego man is definitely not helping the cause. Police arrested 25 year old Eduardo Hidalgo Sunday for his part in the underage drinking problem. Not only was he helping minors consume alcohol, he was profiting from it.

According to authorities, Hidalgo was using a warehouse that he worked at to host a party full of minors and alcohol. Police arrested Hidalgo on suspicion of violating the social host ordinance in San Marcos.

The 8,000 foot warehouse used to host the event belonged to Hirsch Piping Supply and was not intended to be used for the event. According to Sgt. Matt Blumenthal, Hidalgo was allegedly charging minors at the door to enter the party. Inside were multiple kegs, beer pong tables, and a substantial supply of liquor and beer. Authorities also seized $886 in cash, which they believe to be profits from the party.

Hidalgo was arrested and booked at Vista Detention Facility.

If you know a young person struggling with alcohol abuse, please contact us.

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