Salem City Raid, Largest Bust In A Decade

on Thursday, 12 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Cocaine

Salem City drug bust

Three arrests have been made and a large supply of cocaine has been found in Salem, NJ this week. Approximately $100,000 in cocaine, weapons, and drug paraphernalia have been seized by authorities, making it the biggest drug bust in Salem County in the past 10 years.

Three residents of the city were arrest Tuesday in connection with the raid. Salem County Prosecutor’s Office reported that Dennis Washington, 49, Ramon Bentley Jr., 35, and Regina Williams, 52, were all arrested.

The combined efforts of local law enforcement, FBI, United States DEA, and the prosecutor’s office led to the successful bust of the drug ring. Together authorities were able to obtain surveillance along with other information on the suspects. The investigation led to five search warrants which were all served simultaneously Tuesday night.

The results of the search were shocking. According to authorities, roughly 28 ounces of cocaine was discovered. The street value on that amount of cocaine is about $100,000. Two handguns, both loaded, other drug paraphernalia, two vehicles, and over $6,000 were also discovered.

Prosecute John T. Lenahan praised the combined effort of local and federal agencies joining together to make the investigation a success. “This is one of the largest drug seizures in Salem County in the past decade and the defendants will be vigorously prosecuted,” said Lenahan.

Authorities are hopeful that this bust will have an impact on the reduction of drug activity in the city, and send a message to those who may be involved in other drug operations.

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