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Russia Advertisements To Implement A Complete Ban On Alcohol

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Thursday, 05 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

russia bans alcohol advertisements

According to the Lower House of the Russian Parliament there is a complete ban on alcohol advertising in print as well as on the internet. The new law is not effective immediately but will take complete effect on January 01, 2013.

An enormous and nearly widespread majority of the parliament voted for the bill according to the Voice of Russia radio. Low-alcohol drink advertisements are expected to disappear as well in the future. Apparently this new restriction on advertising alcohol in Russia is not so new at all, as the most countries regulate alcohol uses and have some restrictions regarding alcohol advertisement and marketing.

The newly enacted laws indicate that Russia has won the battle it’s been waging to combat beer advertisements on television. With that said, the new Russian laws targeting alcohol advertising are not only an amalgamation of laws from across Europe, but are also far more stream-lined, stringent and harsh. Consider the United Kingdom that bans alcohol advertising only up to 9p.m. or Germany that only bans advertising of alcohol associated with children’s programs. Actually, German laws prohibit advertisements from depicting youth that smoke or drink. Ironically, the normally relaxed France prohibited all advertisements of alcohol on television irrespective of the time and also restricts advertising referencing alcohol elsewhere in the media.

Even more, on July 23 a law that bans alcohol advertisements on mass transportation, as well as radio and television will go into effect in Russia. Billboards, banners and public displays of any kind will be completed restricted from advertising alcohol. The new law will also pertain to newspapers, magazines, and the internet, each of which will not be allowed to advertise alcohol of any kind.

Initially, the ban was expected to only apply to the umbrella of sites distinguished as online media. However, under the new law, advertisement of any kind that make reference to alcohol are banned, which include advertisements for low-alcohol drinks as well as strong-alcohol drinks. In fact, all such advertisements must be extracted from the internet, media, and public domain, never to return again.

Reports from opinion polls as well as research findings reveal that Russian youth drink as much as adults and as a result laws must be put into place to protect youth from advertisements that are not taking into account youth age or limited perceptions. Among the most serious issues in Russia concern alcohol addiction among youth.

Research indicates that alcohol addiction is in fact responsible for the damaged health and lives of many youth, not to mention the fact that alcohol consumption by youth has resulted in fatalities. To Implement a COMPLETE BAN, Russian researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between advertising alcohol on the internet and youth, with internet being the area where the largest cohort of youth are most actively targeted.

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DeShawn McQueen

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