Robber Who "Dozed Off" Inside the Home He Broke Into Is Sentenced

on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

Robber Who

A Perth couple walked into "a nightmare version of Goldilocks" when they came home to find a stranger's feet sticking out of their bed. According to, the perpetrator "dozed off" after breaking into their home to steal cash and jewelry.

Mark McCole pled guilty and received a six-month jail sentence. He claims to have "no explanation and little recollection of events." McCole had been drinking, as well as taking cocaine and ecstasy.

McCole awoke to the homeowner's screaming upon seeing his feet poking out from the covers. He immediately tried to flee, but the homeowner tackled him and sat on him until police arrived. The homeowners also noticed he was bleeding from his arm, and he had broken a window to gain entry to the home.

Image courtesy of BBC News.

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